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How to Navigate the CIAP 2021 meeting and website

There are four main rooms at the conference site at Once you log in you will be in the Lobby, in which you will see a menu bar across the top, as well as clickable banners to the three main meeting rooms: the Auditorium, the Poster Hall, and the Lounge. You may also get help and technical support by clicking on the Information Desk. Live talks and sessions will occur in the Auditorium at the times listed in the program (see a summary of live talks by clicking on the screen in the Auditorium). Each day will have live talks at either 7am-8:30am Tahoe (California) time or at 14:00-15:30 or both. A live Q&A session will occur immediately after each live talk. Pre-recorded Invited talks, Featured Recorded talks, and posters are all available in the Poster Hall. Select the topic area of interest from the pull-down menu at the top bar. Recorded talks and posters will appear as a sideways scrollable list. Each item will have multiple parts: a video, the abstract, a pdf of posters, possibly a downloadable handout, and a chat session for Q&A. Each item will also list when the author will be available for a live Question/discussion period. Each day will have three live time periods for questions for pre-recorded talks and posters. Speakers and Authors will post the time they will be available to answer questions on their talk or poster. Go to the poster hall and click on the link provided in the talk or poster at the listed times and you will go to a video session (on the Whereby platform) with the author. The Lounge is a place for conversations, either about science or simply for social chats. Topical discussions are listed at the left of the hall and social groups are listed on the right side. When you click on a link you will enter a breakout room with live discussions via the app Whereby. Live talks and their Q&A sessions will be recorded and available on the vfairs site until mid-August. Prerecorded talks and posters will remain accessable on the vfairs site for the entire meeting, and for one month after the meeting. All recorded and print materials will be available after August on the CIAP home website: During the meeting Conference information and technical help can be obtained by clicking on the Information desk in the Lobby.
The detailed instruction about how to navigate the poster session.
The detailed instruction about how to use chatroom during the meeting.