Logistics and Charter Bus Transportation
July 7, 2011--The Buses are FULL!
Please contact Monterey Air Bus for transportation

San Francisco International Airport to Asilomar

Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California is located approximately 110 miles (2.5 hours) south of the San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

There is no public transporation from SFO directly to Asilomar.

CIAP provides charter bus transportation to and from Asilomar through Pacific Monarch LTD

Due to the increased number of participants this year, CIAP has scheduled the following:

Total capacity:  124 passengers. 

in order to confrim you reservation on the CIAP Charter buses PLEASE provide the following information to CIAP2011@gmail.com :

This is to prevent unpleasant surprises when you find out that your flight times are not compatible with our bus schedule and to ensure that your name appears on the manifest and we know at which Courtyard you will be waiting.

As of July 18, 2011 the following seats have been confirmed

Date Time # Reserved Seats # Available Seats
July 23 1:00 pm 6 6
July 24 2:00 pm 51
July 24 4:00 pm 13 37
July 24 7:00 pm 7 5

The Pacific Monarch, Ltd. pick-up locations are:

Please see the SFO website then select "Ground Transportation/Charter Service" for a map of pick-up locations.

We will have several student volunteers at SFO to help you find your bus.

Returning to San Francisco International Airport from Asilomar

CIAP has provided the following buses for the return trip to SFO

When booking your departure flight please allow at least two hours for passage through security. Since departure is on a Friday, charter bus travel time could increase due to traffic. We don’t want you to miss your flight.

Please contact Monterey Airbus if these times are not convenient for your flight or if you are travelling on days other than July 24 and July 29.

San Jose Airport

The San Jose International Airport (SJC) is another option for travelers to CIAP 2011. A smaller airport than SFO, it's easier to negotiate, but there may be fewer flight options. The San Jose International Airport is approximately one hour closer to Asilomar by car or bus. CIAP does not support charter bus transportation to and from SJC.   Please contact Monterey Airbus for round trip transportation from SJC to Asilomar.


The best way to find carpool partners from SFO or SJC is through our facebook logo   page or a bulletin board in the Main Lobby of Asilomar Conference Grounds. For more information regarding driving directions, car rentals and alternative airports please see Asilomar's Website.