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Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Abstract Deadline: March 15, 2021

Submission will be online in 2021.

All abstracts will be peer-reviewed by Steering Committee members according to the following criteria: 1. Contribution to the field (e.g., enhances understanding of basic mechanisms, factors that affect patient performance with a cochlear implant, new approaches or methods) 2. Quality of research (e.g., design, rigor, insightfulness) 3. Subject matter: complementary to the program/important area not addressed by the program/provocative idea to present. Accepted abstracts will be included in the Conference Program. Abstracts must be no longer than one page and meet the guidelines listed below: Enter a descriptive title Include the first name, middle initial and last name of each author, and indicate the presenting/corresponding author. Indicate the institution or affiliation, city, state (if applicable), and country. For multiple authors with different affiliations, denote these by numbers. NOTE: Enter the same institution wording and text sequence for all authors from the same institution (otherwise the abstract entry system will think you are at different institutions). Type the body of the abstract or copy and paste it from your word processor. If appropriate, include acknowledgment of funding source(s). Check to make sure all your information fits completely within the entry field – information may be truncated or altered if it doesn’t fit in the allowed space. If you use special symbols in your abstract please sent a pdf of the abstract to so we can resolve the symbols for the program book Abstracts must be submitted by 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on March 15, 2021. All accepted abstracts will be included in the Conference Program booklet. All corresponding authors will be sent information on the status of their abstracts by April 15, 2021. Poster Size: Posters will be maximum 45 inches (1.14 m) wide. A height of longer than 4 ft is not recommended.